Facilities are available for both Close Die Forgings & Open Die Forgings.

Forging Equipments consist of Gravity Drop Hammers, Pneumatic Hammers, Forging Presses ( Mechanical & Hydraulic ). We are also having facilities for Upsetting & Ring Rolling Forgings. These facilities are supported by Oil Fired furnaces as well as Induction Heating facilities for Heat Treatment of Raw Mayetrial. With necessary Coining & Trimming Presses.

All Types of Heat Treatment facilities to carry out various Heat Treatment facilities like Normalising, Iso-Thermal Annealing, Hardening & Tempering as well as Solution Annealing.

All required Quality Testing facilities are available like Chemical Wet Analysis, Spectrometer, Microscope, Radiography, X-Ray, Hardness Tests, Tesile, Impact Testing Magna-flux Crack detector.