Facilities available to produce all types of graded Castings i.e. Grey Iron, Ductile Iron, Steel Castings, Investment Castings through Green Sand, No Bake, Shell Sand moulding process with Shell Core Shooters, Cold Box Core Shooters.

All facilities are equipped with modern Molding Equipments i.e. Manual, Automatic, Jalt Squeeze machines, High Pressure Molding etc.

To take care of Quality, all the facilities are equiped with best quality Laboratory having Wet Analyser, Spectrometer, Microscope, Hardness & Tensile Testing. Magna-Flux for crack detection, Leak & Pressure testing etc. Facilties for Heat Treatment of Castings for various processess like Annealing, Hardening & Tempering, Austenitizing etc.

In-House facilities are available for Fettling, Cleaning and Deburring.

Necessary Pattern Making Facilities are available to manufacture paterns in Aluminium, Cast Iron, Gun Metal etc. Patterns are being manufactured on VMC, HMC, CNC Machines with help of CAD CAM, Solid Modeling & Rapid Tooling facilities.

Sand castings ( Grey Iron & Ductile Iron )

Through Green Sand, Co2, No Bake, Shell Moulding process.

Weight Range : 50 Gms to 5.00 MT (Single Piece)

Steel Castings

Sand castings in various grades like Low Alloy Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Alloy Steel, Ni Hard etc.

Weight Range : 1.00 kg to100.00 kgs.

Pressure Die Castings

In Aluminium & Zink Alloys ( ZAMAK )

Weight Range : 10 Gms to 15.00 Kgs.

Gravity Die Casting

Closed Die & Open Die forgings categories.

Weight Range : 500 Gms to 100 Kgs.

Investment Castings

Various grades i.e. Stainless Steel ( All Grades ), WCB, Special Alloy Steel (High Ni & High Cr), Copper Alloys etc.

Weight Range : 100 Gms to 120.00 Kgs.